Users, or Issues?

Why is it, that even when more knowledgeable people are present, people choose to "solve" their computer problems on their own? Recently, one of the printers on our home network had trouble with a job, so our enterprising newbie decided to power off the entire console, which includes our DSL line, our router, and the printer - just to cancel a print job. Of course, this led to more problems, and if you are wondering how, you haven't worked with computers much. Eventually, order was restored, but it is ludicrous that the problem occured in the first place. If said person had merely asked how to cancel a job, I would have been happy to spend 30 seconds informing how to do so. People, this is my plea. If you don't know how to fix things, DO NOT mess with it! You will inevitably make it worse, regardless of your intentions. If you want to argue, fill out this survey first. (By the way, I claim no credit for writing the survey, but I don't know where it originated, so I can't attribute it to anyone.)

Time to follow my S.L.E.E.P. (Stress Level Elimination Exercise Plan) It's okay, though, cause I'm still billing the client for imaginary services. (A little IT humor, there.)