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Rants for the Ages

This is the entire collection of weekly musings - enjoy!

Copyright, DMCA, and You - 06/05/2004
The RIAA is out to get you!

What's the Problem? - 06/05/2004
A good old rant for anyone who has worked with computers and their users.

Heatsinks - 05/29/2004
Why Intel is blowing smoke, why a good heatsink is important, and why AMD rocks!

Monitor Tweaking - 05/22/2004
Refresh rates, resolutions, and some generally useful info about your CRT monitor.

Refining your searches with Google - 05/15/2004
A brief, and readable tutorial on how to use the best engine out there.

All Things Google - 05/08/2004
Pretty much explanatory. If you don't use Google already, hopefully this will convince you.

DMA - 05/01/2004
A few tidbits on DMA modes, why to avoid PIO, and how to fix DMA issues.

Storage - 04/24/2004
An observation of current trends in storage units, and why we should adopt universal figures.