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Download of the Week: Get Them Here

This is a complete list of all the downloads we have offered in the past, so enjoy!

Crash It - 06/12/2004
Good stress relief for those fed up with the regular crashing of programs. Now you can choose when to crash your programs, and beat your computer to the punch!

Chatbot - 06/05/2004
If you are really bored, this might be the answer. This little program responds to basic chat, and you can customize it by "teaching" it new responses.

Alarm - 05/29/2004
Finally, a decent free alarm clock. I don't know about you, but I hate my screeching desk alarm clock. With this little program, I can set up virtually any sound file on my PC to wake me up in the morning. Works with .wav, .ogg, .wma, .mp3, and probably more.

WCPUID - 05/22/2004
Tons of information about your cpu, plus a real-time clock timer. Now you can tell exactly how much that overclock gave you!

How Long Has My Computer Been On? - 05/15/2004
Quite simply, really. Informs you how long Windows has been running, just in case you wanted brag about how long, exactly, you have been a total geek.

ChemBalance Wizard 32 - 05/08/2004
This is really handy if you are taking chemistry, or merely interested in it. This little program asks you for the components of a chemical equation, then calculates balanced equation(s) using your input. Would have been a big help in high school chemistry class.

Pi Fast - 05/01/2004
Calculates Pi, e, and the square root of two. Very useful for benchmarking a CPU - pure mathematical calculations are the best measure of raw CPU capability. And who else can say they have personally calculated pi to 100 million digits?